August 12, 2020. A press conference on the project “Young people from Bulgaria and Macedonia together for tourism as health prevention” ref. No. CB006.2.23.116 was held in Blagoevgrad.
At the event Dimitar Manikatov, Manager of Foundation “Health Prophylaxis”, Lead Partner in the project, gave explanations and answered questions to those present.

Owners of tourist sites, health and spa centers and people related to services related to our health are showing serious interest.

Foundation “Health Prophylaxis” together with Macedonian partner Center for Development of the North-East Planning Region, Kumanovo participates together in a project to promote health tourism and health prevention through the use of Wellness & Spa services and products and sites that can help prevent people with physical and motor inactivity and people with special needs.
One of the main project activities is the construction of a playground for children and youth with disabilities in the municipality of Kriva Palanka, which will include a mini golf course and an outdoor sports field, which will help people with problems mentioned above.
All participants received Set of materials (agenda, invitation and presentation handouts), as well as a T-shirt and other promotional materials.
Given the Covid-19, all participants wore protective masks and were more than a meter and a half apart.
The project is designed for health marketing, wellness and sports tourism in the region and among young people in the cities of Blagoevgrad and Kriva Palanka. The construction of medical equipment is forthcoming, which will be used for health and tourism purposes for children from schools on both sides of the border. Trainings and examinations are expected to improve the health of young people and at the same time promote tourism among the young population of the cross-border region.

This publication has been made with the financial assistance of the European Union through the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Bulgaria – North Macedonia

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The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Republic of Bulgaria – Republic of North Macedonia Programme.
Този проект е съфинансиран от Европейския съюз чрез Interreg – ИПП Програма за трансгранично сътрудничество между Република България и Република Северна Македония.
Овој проект е кофинансиран од Европската Унија преку Interreg- ИПА Програмата за прекугранична соработка меѓу Република Бугарија и Република Северна Македонија.