On October 31, 2020, the series of three-day trainings for children and youth on topics related to health, prevention and the role of tourism as a factor for the convergence of young people in the cross-border region ended.

The trainings were held in the newly opened Center of the Health and Tourism Network in the cross-border region between Blagoevgrad District and the Third Northeast Planning Region in the Republic of North Macedonia. Children from the Republic of North Macedonia also took part in the training through virtual conference tools, in view of the restrictions on travel abroad and the restrictive measures imposed by the competent health authorities.

The trainings are expected to contribute to increasing the interest of young people in tourism, the tourist opportunities in the cross-border region and the opportunities for improving the health and prevention of various diseases and disabilities.

The participants expressed their satisfaction with the presented information and instructions and promised that they would visit the many tourist sites in the region as soon as possible.

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The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Republic of Bulgaria – Republic of North Macedonia Programme.
Този проект е съфинансиран от Европейския съюз чрез Interreg – ИПП Програма за трансгранично сътрудничество между Република България и Република Северна Македония.
Овој проект е кофинансиран од Европската Унија преку Interreg- ИПА Програмата за прекугранична соработка меѓу Република Бугарија и Република Северна Македонија.