To be in good shape, it is not enough to go to the gym. It is important to stay active throughout the day. Remember the physics lessons – a body that is in motion tends to stay in motion. But this law works the other way around – the less you move, the more you don’t want to do anything. The easiest way to avoid this is to love hiking. We learned how many calories burn walking and how to make the trip to the city more efficient.

How to make walking effective?
With the help of 10,000 steps a day you can maintain physical shape and normal weight – on average it burns 300-400 calories. If you increase the number of steps and the load, the effect will be even greater. This is a good reason to force yourself to go out more often and explore new places. Just think in advance about the route where you can safely move without transport. Where to start?

Start with a quiet walk, actively working with your hands. Here the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle are involved in the work. In addition, when walking, the whole body works. The muscles of the legs take a heavy load, such as the back and front of the thigh, gluteal, calf muscles. With such walking you can consume approximately 150-200 kcal / h.

Then gradually increase the pace of walking, but do not switch to running. Here energy consumption increases to about 300 kcal / h. The heart rate should not increase much. Your standard is the ability to speak breathlessly, calmly, without holding your breath. At a medium pace, the range of motion increases. Due to this, the load on the muscles also increases, the heart actively pumps blood, which means that more oxygen enters the body. After a few kilometers, slow down until your breathing is fully restored and physical activity feels good.

To put more strain on the leg muscles, to strengthen the knee joints, to tighten the gluteal muscles, to train the calf muscles, and also to strengthen the foot, find a ladder or slide. After a few climbs you will feel your legs heavy with the rush of blood. When lifting, be sure to work actively with your hands – bend your elbow as you would when running and tilt your body slightly forward. This is necessary to avoid straining the back muscles. With the help of such elevators you can burn about 500-600 kcal / h. If you calculate the total amount of calories burned for such a walk, it will cost about 1000.

What else to do in the city to lose weight?
Go to the slide
This is not only interesting, but also effective in terms of weight loss. You will be able to burn approximately 200-280 kcal / h. Here there is a load not only on the muscles of the legs, but also on the press, back and shoulder girdle. Also, during winter fun, the vestibular apparatus and stabilizing muscles work perfectly.

Go to the rink every weekend and train for at least an hour, maybe even two. Refuse to rent skates and then your own equipment will become an additional burden. How much you can lose will depend on body weight – a person of average weight will expend about 300-500 calories per workout on the slide.

Play snowballs
An effective and fun workout – a battle with snowballs – here you have to run, avoid and bend over. You get a whole set of exercises and a full charge. For half an hour of winter fun you can spend about 150 calories and get a charge of positive emotions.

Let’s make a snowman
Another way to spend time actively is to make big snowmen, to make snow fortresses. The snowman must be large – at least one meter in diameter. In this case we will use both arms and legs. The bigger the ball, the more effort it will take to push it forward. The shoulder girdle, core muscles, quadriceps and calf muscles will be connected. In addition, you will burn about 150 calories in half an hour.


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