Kriva Palanka, September 23, 2020 – From today until September 29 in five consecutive sessions of workshops, young people from Kriva Palanka will be trained on “Tourism as health prevention.” The five-day training realized in the sports hall “Defenders 2001” in Kriva Palanka is part of the project “Youth from Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia together for tourism as health prevention” implemented by the Northeast Planning Region of the country together with the Foundation “Health Prophylaxis” from Blagoevgrad, Republic of Bulgaria, within the INTERREG – IPA program of the European Union for cross-border cooperation between the two countries. – Within the workshops and young people from Kriva Palanka in workshops in groups of less than a dozen children aged 7 to 19 years will be introduced to the importance and connection of health prevention and tourism in our Northeast planning region, as well as in Blagoevgrad area, R . Bulgaria. After getting acquainted with the objectives of the project, a quiz is conducted in order to get acquainted with the absorption of information received by the attendees obtained for the objectives of the project, followed by a presentation of the characteristic natural geographical factors of the Northeast Planning Region (NIPR), mineral springs and therapeutic action. and the natural geographical factors in the Blagoevgrad area with mineral springs and their therapeutic effect will be presented, said Mladen Protic, head of NIPR. The young people in the final part of the workshops will work and practical activities, and will prepare tourist routes for health prevention and health tourism for both regions of the two countries, followed by prioritization of the proposed routes. The project aims to develop tourism facilities in both regions to promote health and cooperation of young people and people with disabilities. So far, the project activities have built an outdoor fitness zone and a mini-golf course in the quay of Kriva Reka in Kriva Palanka, and in Blagoevgrad a health and tourist networking center has been established that will provide free health services for young people and people with disabilities from both municipalities and the region.
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The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Republic of Bulgaria – Republic of North Macedonia Programme.
Този проект е съфинансиран от Европейския съюз чрез Interreg – ИПП Програма за трансгранично сътрудничество между Република България и Република Северна Македония.
Овој проект е кофинансиран од Европската Унија преку Interreg- ИПА Програмата за прекугранична соработка меѓу Република Бугарија и Република Северна Македонија.